YAMAHA MT-09 (RN69) 21

Κωδικός: MY150.1KF           Κατασκευαστής: MATRIS ανάρτηση MPN: MY150.1KF          

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Monoshock K-FLEX
The “Flex” two-way version of “K” shock

The flex-hose rear shock line is ideal for street and dual-sport bikes.

Easy to fit in different position options.

Two separate and independent hydraulic damping control units to adjust Compression & Rebound.

The length adjuster unit is available on most applications.

It is supplied as standard with a millimetric ring spring Preload system but a full choice of Hydraulic spring Preload units is also available.

Manufactured with the objective of offering to the rider a fine damping adjustment and ensure the greatest confidence and  stability.

The difference in damping setting is easily perceptible with every click adjustment .

Equipped with clamp/support to fix the remote reservoir to the bike frame.

Fully re-buildable and re-valveable.

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*** YAMAHA *** MT *** MT09 21-22
*** YAMAHA *** MT *** MT09 22-23
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YAMAHA MT-09 (RN69) 21

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