HONDA HORNET 600 07/13 (CB 600F/599) (PC41)

Κωδικός: MH210.1KD Κατασκευαστής: MATRIS ανάρτηση MPN: MH210.1KD

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Monoshock KD
the single way “KD” adjustable shock

The “KD” single adjustment shock is intended principally as a shock for naked and street bikes.

Very easy to adjust at a right set up for all road rider.

It allows the Rebound hydraulic damping control and on most cases the ride height adjustment.

The spring Preload by millimetric ring is included as standard, but a full choice of Hydraulic spring Preload units are available too as also a wide range of spring rates to fit all bikes and different drivers weigth.

Manufactured using the same quality of ever, even if it is an entry level product.

Fully re-buildable and re-valveable.

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*** Honda *** CB *** CB HORNET 600 05-08
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