MG ELDORADO 1400 17/20

Κωδικός: MM115.1D-N Κατασκευαστής: MATRIS ανάρτηση MPN: MM115.1D-N

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Twinshock D
The single-way “M40D” adjustable twinshock

The M40D is an adjustable hydraulic twin set with an internal pressurized expansion tank of Nitrogen gas (N2).

Single, easy to use, damping (Rebound) adjustment.

Where possible the length adjuster unit is also available.

The spring Preload is by millimetric ring.

Manufactured using only materials of high-end technical and mechanical characteristics with the objective of offering fine damping adjustment to ensure the greatest confidence, and excellent comfort.

Each click makes a perceptible difference to the damping.

Fully re-buildable and re-valveable.

Available in two versions:

Dark (black cylinder / black spring) & Chrome (silver cylinder / chromed spring).

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Moto Guzzi *** ELDORADO *** ELDORADO 1400 16-19
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